Mutual Funds

How to Get Top Mutual Fund Planning Provider in Pitampura, Rohini? Is Mutual Fund Safe?

A Mutual Fund is a common pool of money from numerous investors who wish to save money. Each fund’s investments are selected and watched by qualified specialists who use this money to generate a portfolio. That portfolio could consist of stocks, bonds, money market instruments or a combination of these. Invest your money with expert advice; find the top mutual fund planning provider in Pitampura, Rohini.

Mutual Funds offer investors the advantages of diversification, professional management, affordability, liquidity and convenience.

Classification of Mutual Fund | Buy Mutual Funds in Pitampura, Rohini

Closed Ended Funds – These funds have a fixed no. of units outstanding and operate for a fixed duration. These funds are open for subscription only for a specific period. Closed-End funds may also be listed on the stock exchange and it is traded just like other stocks on an exchange. Usually, the improvement is also specified which means that they dismiss on specified dates when the investors can redeem their units.

Open-ended Funds – These are funds that are available for subscription all through the year. The majority of mutual funds are open-end funds. Investors have the flexibility to buy or sell any portion of their investment at any time at the usual price(Net Asset Value). If you are thinking to mutual fund investment in Pitampura, Rohini then fists of all you should choose best mutual fund advisor nearby you.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) – These are open-ended funds which are listed on the exchange. ETFs can be index funds, gold funds that are listed and traded on exchanges like stocks.

Classification Based On Investment Objective


Equity Funds These funds invest principally in stocks which have a chance for growth and may gain value over the period. If you want to invest buy mutual funds in Pitampura and get many benefits.

Diversified Equity Funds: These funds invest in a diversified basket of equities giving allocation to sectors as deemed fit by fund managers. They do not have any bias of sector or capitalization to invest.

Index Funds: These funds replicate the portfolio of a particular index such as BSE(Sensex), NSE(Nifty), etc. These schemes invest in the safeties in the same weight comprising of an index Sector Equity Funds:

Sector funds invest only in stocks of companies of one exact sector or industry.


Income/Debt oriented Schemes Income scheme invests in fixed income securities such as bonds, corporate debentures, Government securities and money market instruments. The aim is to provide regular and steady income to investors. Such funds are fewer dangerous compared to fairness schemes. Find top mutual fund planning provider in Pitampura, Rohini to secure your MF investment.

Income Fund: These are debt funds and seek to generate income and capital gratitude by investing in a diversified portfolio of debt and money market securities.

Index Funds: These funds repeat the portfolio of a specific index such as BSE(Sensex), NSE(Nifty), etc. These schemes invest in the securities in the same weightage including of an index.

Money Market Funds or Liquid fund: These are debt funds and their aim is to provide easy liquidity, preservation of capital and moderate income. These funds invest in small period fixed income securities such as Govt. bonds, capital bills, bankers’ acceptances, profitable paper and certificates of deposit.

They are usually a safer investment, but with a lower possible return than other types of mutual funds. These funds are suitable for corporate and distinct investors as a means to park their extra funds for short periods. In Money Market Funds, you can generally deposit and withdraw every day. Get the best suggestions for mutual fund planning in Pitampura.

Gilt Funds: These funds invest exclusively in Government securities.

Fixed Maturity Plan: These are debt schemes, where the corpus is invested in fixed income securities. They are offered for different tenures and are close ended funds in nature. The principal amount and fixed returns are both guaranteed.

3. Hybrid Schemes These funds invest both in equities and fixed income securities in the proportion indicated in their offer documents.

Balanced Fund: These funds invest both in equities and debt. The asset allocation is mostly in favor of equity in excess of 65%, to entitle them the equity oriented scheme status. Monthly Income Plan: These funds have a pre-defined asset allocation of equity and debt, mostly in favor of debt.

Mutual fund depends on market price and situation, market risk is basically a risk which may result in losses for any investor due to a poor performance of the market. For right and secure investment get the best mutual fund planning provider in Pitampura, Delhi.